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“No two humans are connected in this world unless they understand each other”

Physical interaction, being one of the greatest blessings awarded to mankind, is the most eminent element of human life. Despite the fact that not everyone prefers physical interaction, the connection of souls of any two living beings depends intensely upon it as being together creates understanding. According to researchers, social interaction poses a constructive influence on the mental and physical health of human beings. Indirectly, abridged physical interaction causes corrosion of thoughts and distorts feelings, adding a communication gap between individuals. This proposition can be implied upon online learning. Online learning is not as effective as physical learning as online learning is suspected to create a communication gap between students and teachers along with hindering the learning process with all the limitations offered; additionally, lack of healthy interaction as well as distraction and ineffective supervision have hindered the process of online learning, making it less effective as compared to physical classes.

Online learning is suspected to augment the communication gap between the course instructor and students by lack of proper communication and limitations that the online platform offers. Firstly, physical classes have a study-related specific environmental decorum set for teachers and students whereas, online classes provide no study-specific environment and do not ensure the quality of deliverance as in physics class. This generates a communication gap between teachers and students. A teacher may not teach as effectively with limited online platforms and tools available as compared to classrooms and students are not able to understand things that quickly. Secondly, the lack of effective deliverance of lectures becomes another agony in online classes which hinders the understanding. Since online classes are predominantly based on quality deliverance which is affected by limitations offered, the ineffectiveness of online learning augments drastically with lack of basic facilities and hinders the understanding of students. Conclusively, online learning limits the teachers and consumers to a limited platform and hinders proper communication, affecting the concepts of students.

The other reason of standing with the claim of deprived effectiveness of online learning is the lack of healthy interaction which is directly responsible for the augmentation of frustration among teachers and students. Firstly, lack of adequate interaction and proper attention are depriving the students of their basic understanding. Teachers are unable to keep an eye on students and while being out of sight, students do not always study during the class. Plus, any control sensual measure is impractical due to which the effectiveness of online classes cannot be assured. Secondly, physical interaction is a perfect way to engage with nature due to the bodily inference and lack of interactive activities confronts the development and improvisation of effective learning. According to surveys and opinions of the individuals, the face-to-face conversation was considered better and healthier than text, calls and video conversation as the face-to-face conversation provide an element of “being physically and mentally present” and thus, the verbal and non-verbal process of communication is visible. No matter how hard a teacher tries to deliver, the decorum of physical classes cannot be applied to an online class as no teacher can control something that’s not in front of them which hinders the process of learning. Consequently, the process of online learning becomes agonizing, remorseful, and frustrating as no healthy interaction and activity can be held which makes online learning less effective.

Third and foremost reason of the claim that online learning is less effective is presented as the prevalence of elements of distraction and ineffective supervision. Firstly, the element of distraction, being a major hinderer in concentration, has contributed the most to making online classes ineffective. The malicious events such as intruders destroying decorum of online classes, distorted internet connections, regular housework, electricity issues, and shortage of resources, the prevalent distraction makes it impossible to pay the slightest attention. Moreover, every student needs the supervision of a teacher without which, the skill development of a student is bewildered. Supervision of every student is equally important and due to online learning, this supervision is scarcely managed due to limitations of possible actions that can be taken. As a result, the effectiveness of online learning becomes loathsome for many individuals due to distraction and lack of facilities and supervision.

Therefore, the claim that online learning is less effective than physical learning is valid because online learning offers numerous limitations, augments communication gap, deprives students and teachers of healthy interaction, and becomes frustrating and remorseful due to elements of distraction, inadequate supervision and obliterated enticing activities. All of these problems have equally caused the effectiveness of online learning as limitations, communication, interaction, distraction, supervision and participation are factors that should always be taken care of. Despite the fact that online learning possesses different disadvantages, the appreciation that online learning deserves for still managing studies even in a situation of pandemic can never be determined. But the outnumbered reasons that have led online learning to become less effective cannot be overlooked. However, in future, the betterment of technology and advancement in online learning platforms will emerge the idea of online learning. We shall hope and contribute to augmenting the effectiveness of online learning and manage the possible solutions in uncertain situations.

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