Fouzan Asif

Smile is the best sentiment you can wear

– Fouzan Asif

Being a novelist and a poet by profession, the energy in compulsion of my words has been long associated with the blend of past experiences and an ambitious fortitude that I had possessed. This helped me in initiating the process of content writing including blog writing, article writing, scriptwriting, ghost writing, and creative writing. My certifications aren't much, but my achievements are outnumbered. That, I won't lie about. I aim to achieve the gratitude of people by helping them with their desired solutions or requirements. To understand, acquire, achieve, and succeed, that's the path I tend to follow-through. 

Fouzan Asif,
Bachelors of Science - Computer Science,
FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.

Aniqa Rasheed

Admired by the satirical intellect associated with human mind, my ambition is solely associated with the improving it with and think beyond imagination. I wish to explore and when I explore, I tend to make the most out of an opportunity. Through all the experience and knowledge I have acquired, I wish to deliver my ideas and opinions to the embryonic youth as well as the knowledge seekers. I, Aniqa Rasheed, wish to assist everyone equally with my skill set and valuable knowledge and I wish to support and stabilize everyone who deserves it!
-Aniqa Rasheed