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We all wonder to earn money by being visible to the world. For that, different ways are opted to get witnessed under the spotlight. In this competitive marketplace the world has emerged to be, everyone wishes to compete effectively. yes, you heard me right, “effectively”. In the light of discovering ways to enlightening lives and competing sincerely, people discovered the approach to earn money online. Leading from creation of personal websites on good hosting services (WordPress Hosting preferably) to working externally in partnerships, people have benefited a lot with this approach.

In order to achieve a successful start, the first step is mandatory to be taken but more necessarily, an accurate first step is essential in setting up your career. Therefore, in this article, top 7 best WordPress hosting websites have been discussed throughout the article with possible pros and cons, payment packages, and global reviews. This article covers fundamental and important knowledge and top tips which will help you to find the best WordPress hosting to facilitate your ambition and grant you the best path for your success track.

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There are ultimately many best WordPress hosting service providers around the globe in competition for acquiring the most traffic and audience. As for a brief description of WordPress, WordPress serves as the best website creation platform which uses drag and drop features along with numerous facilitating plugins and themes that help in development of following types of websites:

  • E-Commerce
  • Blogs and Influencers
  • Social Media
  • Personal business / Institutions

Once a website has been successfully built, purchasing or getting a domain and best WordPress hosting is indeed an essential and challenging task as without the best WordPress hosting, all your dedicated hard work would go futile.

A plus point specially for the students is that GitHub provides approved university students to have free domain and hosting for about an year and renew it at cheaper rates than normal. But even if you’re not a student, there’s nothing you should be tensed about. This article is supposed to cover the basic of where to start from and what shall be your destination!

WordPress Best WordPress Hosting and web hosting logo
There exist over 20 WordPress Hosting service providers but we will be discussing about the top 7 service providers because the services these websites provide have the best bandwidth connection, best loading time, cheap packages, reliable and trusted agreements, dominating pros over cons, and above all, user benefits such as mails, cpanel ease, convenient dashboard etc.  All of the below mentioned hosting platforms are ranked by the descriptive data collected from surveys, different blogs, and personal experiences as well as recommendations from different people. The convenience based ranking is displayed below:
    • Verpex – 1st Best Hosting for WordPress websites
    • DigitalOcean – 2nd Best Hosting for WordPress websites
    • BlueHost – 3rd Best Hosting for WordPress websites
    • Google Hosting – 4th Best Hosting for WordPress websites
    • HostGator – 5th Best Hosting for WordPress websites
    • WordPress – 6th Best Hosting for WordPress websites
    • Hostinger – 7th Best Hosting for WordPress websites
Commencing with describing all these Best Hosting for WordPress websites, we wish to highlight the point where most buyers make mistakes. In opting for a WordPress free Hosting or a cheaper WordPress Hosting instead of the best WordPress Hosting due to the discrimination of payment method or any other typical factor, many people suffer their decision for not going with an expensive but best Hosting of WordPress. Therefore, buying a cheap product that has a high risk tendency to break often causes disastrous moments. We would humbly suggest you to go for the a reliable WordPress service which offers convenience even if it tends to charge more than expected. These decisions are made once but are often useful!

Instating the most important WordPress Hosting, our resilient reviewers have trusted services offered by Verpex the most. Verpex has been a newly launched platform with least reviews among any of the other WordPress hosting, but the amount of reviews they have summarizes their overall performances. Verpex serves to be the only WordPress hosting service provider with no complains yet!

One of the best fact related to this hosting service is that, our very own platform Optimistic Writes has been hosted on Verpex. After credit card declination, high rates, lesser facilities problem on other hosting services, we found Verpex and added it in our recommendation list! According to us, Verpex is the best WordPress Hosting service. The hosting plans are provided below:

Verpex Best WordPress Hosting service

Verpex provides 3 hosting plans, namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all of them having distinct features ranging from least facilities to Bronze buyers to extraordinary facilities to Gold buyers. However, the discrimination between any level of buyers ain’t that much as compared to the different websites. 

Our personal website chose the Silver plan for no reason at all but we are surely glad that we at least chose something beneficial instead of falling victim to an undesirable service. The payment plan of all the 3 hosting plans have been described below:

Verpex bronze Hosting Payment Plan
Verpex - Bronze Hosting Payment Plan
Verpex Silver Hosting Payment Plan
Verpex - Silver Hosting Payment Plan
Verpex Gold Hosting Payment Plan
Verpex - Gold Hosting Payment Plan

Another useful facility that Verpex provides is the self-determination of the hosting server’s location. You can select among a few options. Our platform opted for hosting at New York, following the recommendations from a close friend. Thus, this is what I’ll be recommending further! Following are the server locations you can choose:

You can also register your domain using Verpex. But if you already have a domain, all you need to do is enter the domain in the custom domain name field provided on the website. You can also use the chat bot to communicate with the team of Verpex. They reach out as quickly as possible.

This is how you can establish your hosting successfully. We consider Verpex to be the best WordPress Hosting because of it’s payment method and cpanel. Verpex accepts all the cards though it be MasterCard, Visa Card etc. However, UnionPay cards aren’t accepted by Verpex. 

The Verpex Control Panel has a facility to connect to Softaculous WordPress Manager from where you can connect your wordpress website with the Best WordPress Hosting!!. Follow this link for more: Verpex – How to Setup Your 1st Blog in 4 Minutes – YouTube

DigitalOcean, one of the most trusted and reliable brand in terms of providing the best WordPress Hosting services. Free of all glitches, network and performance issues, DigitalOcean is capable of handling the entire websites and a collection of many websites single-handedly. Providing the best amount of storage, back-up in Google cloud, and the most convenient and best WordPress hosting interface, DigitalOcean is another most recommended when it comes to hosting of any website. Despite of the payment plans, the performance of DigitalOcean is the best (better than Verpex in many stages), what makes it 2nd best is the lack of assistive documentation i.e. DigitalOcean had lacked in providing a proper answer to FAQs and the placeholders lacked in few important fields.

Many people trust DigitalOcean for its magnificent services and beneficence on user. In the world of best hosting for WordPress, DigitalOcean is believed to be the supreme hosting services. After interviewing many mature web developers, DigitalOcean was found to be the best WordPress Hosting provider. Regardless of it being an old player of the game, DigitalOcean had never faced any performance issues except for some unconventional glitches and heavy size of the hosting itself. Verpex and DigitalOcean are an equal match!

The problem that our platform faced on DigitalOcean was the declined credit card of literally all of us and there were no proper documentations and help available on search results or website regarding the resolution of this problem. All our credit cards were accepted on Verpex. The declination occurred per chance, otherwise there are almost negligible complains associated with DigitalOcean.

To be very honest, members of our management team are a big fan of DigitalOcean for the services, solutions, and convenience with different marketplaces it offers. Here’s a simple web-view of another best WordPress Hosting service:

DigitalOcean Best WordPress Hosting
DigitalOcean - Best WordPress Hosting for a fast WordPress website

Now think for yourself, which website would offer you credit of $100 for the first 60 days without even a minimal cashback? That’s the beneficence of DigitalOcean. Glancing at the products and solutions they are offering, DigitalOcean is considered one of the most trusted, convenient, reliable, and suitable, precisely, best hosting for WordPress website by many individuals, businessmen, and developers.

DigitalOcean Best WordPress Hosting products
Products offered by DigitalOcean
DigitalOcean Best WordPress Hosting Solutions
Solutions offered by DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean offers best web hosting and most convenient control panel that can be easily operated by every individual. Unlike other websites that offer special benefits to students, DigitalOcean provides benefits for all. The most convenient hosting plan offered by DigitalOcean is of $5 per month and renews as the same price. Plus, they charge an annual charge equal to the 12-month multiple of the monthly charges along with required taxes. Among the recommendations, our platform recommends the users and viewers to go with DigitalOcean after Verpex as both of them are provide best hosting for WordPress website and normal web hosting! For more, you can surf YouTube videos (we may post links here for facilitation in future or you may contact us as well)

Among all the famous web hosting plans, the 5th best hosting plan is provided by Bluehost. However, when it comes to the Best WordPress Hosting plan, Bluehost competes at Bronze level position i.e. 3rd! Bluehost servers are remarkable. Even if the additional requirements they provide are lesser than DigitalOcean and Verpex, their payment plans as well as renewal plans along with their payment method and policies are better as compared to the other web hosting providers. The first things that bluehost has advantage over is the widely available help, guidelines, and documentation. They provide every detail without any ambiguity and their help comes faster than others relatively. Customers that trust Bluehost though are quite old as they believed in hosting with convenience rather than hosting with extraordinary features. In other words, simplicity was given more importance than expenditures. This is the case where Bluehost fits best for bloggers. Bluehost is considered as the best hosting for WordPress website specially for bloggers, and people who wish to build their portfolios as the response time of Bluehost servers is moderate and the ping usually stays normal which is a good thing (although the ping also depends upon the complexity of your web hosting files).

Our team was gratified with the payment plan the Bluehost offers which is definitely lesser than both, Verpex and DigitalOcean. There also prevailed discriminating factors provided by Bluehost which were relatively lesser than Verpex. However, their control panel was as easy and convenient as Verpex and DigitalOcean. The differences prevail between SSL certificates, memory provided, backup plans, websites that can be hosted etc. Among all the three web hosting plans, Verpex hosting plans win significant advantage over each of the 2 best hosting for WordPress.

Following the payment plans provided by Bluehost, they provide documentation of the payment methods. As discussed in Verpex web hosting, they do not provide facility to pay using Union Pay. As for DigitalOcean, once a payment information has been finalized, it cannot be edited again. Just in case if you have to update it, you’ll need to contact customer support or create a new account (which will make you loose all the traffic and Google Adsense authentication). As in Bluehost, you can change your plan, edit information and use any credit card that you wish to!

This is one of the reason our team likes Bluehost, but in regard of the services offered, DigitalOcean wins the race.  The WordPress services offered by Bluehost include:

  • Best Website Builder
  • WordPress specific Hosting
  • Managed WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Being one of the fastest service for hosting with a good bandwidth speed, media kit, and uploading ease, Bluehost offers convenient web hosting including:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting

Following is the web hosting plan Bluehost uses:

It can be witnessed that at 36-month terms agreement, Bluehost offers the best convenience for bloggers. $2.95 is way too less than the pricing offered by Verpex web hosting and DigitalOcean web hosting. Plus, all of the plans include the best website builder. Not every hosting company includes the best website builder, but all thanks to Bluehost! Once the 3-year (36-months) contract ends, you can renew it at a reasonable price which will stay constant as to the time when plan was bought. To be honest, we believe that within 3 years, someone would be good enough to purchase a plan for themselves. However, you can also select a convenient payment plan…!

Bluehost Best WordPress Hosting plans
Details of the hosting plans provided by Bluehost
Bluehost Best WordPress hosting payment approach
Bluehost web hosting payment approach

Imagine a web hosting service selling best WordPress Hosting on that convenient pricing scale along with beneficial additives. Search Engine Optimization tools are scarcely offered by any web hosting service. Although the customers complain of the performance issues and costly pricing of the additional requirements, you can buy them later whenever you feel convenient. Buying these additives ain’t even necessary, it’s optional! The problem that we faced in DigitalOcean i.e. the declination of credit card wasn’t encountered here luckily. Thus, you can use Bluehost or Verpex if your card gets declined at DigitalOcean!

Though the UI (User Interface) of Bluehost is underrated by some customers and it involves rare performance issues, Bluehost is always among a good customer’s choice! And in our recommendations Bluehost provides best hosting for WordPress websites being the 3rd best WordPress hosting service provider!

The King of all the fields of Computer Science and further widespread fields has never left its place in competing among the top most competitors of web hosting! Yes, we are talking about Google hosting! Google, being a universal search engine and winning the race of all the inherited fields, took command and responsibilities of all the necessities of organizational and personal work load by initiating Google Firebase. Firebase is one of the most powerful tool from Google which provides the most powerful hosting – Google Hosting.

Although the competition of all the above described web hosting services and Google hosting is merely futile, what makes Google hosting 4th in our recommendations is its pricing plan. Except for the price of the hosting plan, Google hosting embarks an entire new world of hosting!

However, if you are looking for free WordPress hosting, Google Hosting is where you belong to. Google provides free web hosting as well as Best WordPress hosting for free without the facility of Google Cloud (the all important storage location). This is good for starters and guess what, you can also buy a domain for your web hosting in reasonable price along with administrative emails! Can you imagine having a free WordPress hosting for free? This is rare for sure! And Google Hosting is our first recommendation if you can afford to pay for the pricing hosting plan. With the products offered by Google Firebase, you can:

  • Build and accelerate your development process with best website builder and other tools including a managed backend!
  • Release and Monitor your product!
  • Engage with the interactive users easily

The sublime profundity of Google Hosting provided by Google Firebase is a remarkable beneficence for all. You can watch this tutorial for Google Firebase: Introducing Firebase – YouTube. Using Google Firebase, you can enjoy unlimited extensions and plugins for free and develop your engaging product without any worries! 

Google Firebase Products

Glancing at the exciting extensions and integrations that Google Firebase offers, they make it the Best web hosting service along with Best WordPress Hosting provider! Following are some useful extensions:

Google Firebase Best web hosting service extensions

Providing the most fundamental collection of useful integration tools in the personal team tools working in an organizational or personal development environment, Google Firebase helps in providing the best services for its users for effective productivity! All the necessary integration tools such as Google Play store, Google AdWords, Google Marketing Platform, Jira etc., are provided by Google Firebase. 

Google Firebase Integrated tools

In last many years, Google Firebase has won the trust of many of its individuals. Google Firebase owns a record of over 100+ famous applications development and many more to come! Following are the applications that trusted Google Firebase:

Google Firebase developed Applications

Now comes the important point of Google Hosting…! Google Hosting is a platform provided by Google Firebase to allow web hosting of any domain with a suitable hosting plan or absolutely free hosting plan (for limited time). Google Hosting provides a great package for best hosting of WordPress websites and normal web hosting. You should follow this YouTube video provided by Firebase Hosting (Google Hosting): Introducing Firebase Hosting – YouTube. Furthermore, follow this documentation provided by Google Hosting in order to acquire beneficial information: Firebase Hosting (google.com). Finally, to acquire the knowledge of web hosting plan (both free and paid), visit this link: Firebase Hosting | Fast and secure web hosting (google.com)!

Among our team recommendations, Google Hosting ranks at the top, but we would still keep it on 4th in our blog as Google hosting can be complex to be dealt and understood specially by new commers. But none of us can ever underestimate the power of Google Firebase!

The most well-known and trusted web hosting service as well as cheapest WordPress hosting and 5th best hosting for WordPress websites among our recommendations is the HOSTGATOR. HostGator is itself enough to put a smile on the developer’s face because it understands the necessities of every customer. Although its standards set differs from the top 4 of the web hosting services listed above, HostGator is another best WordPress hosting website!

After reviewing the customers who have been using HostGator, we found that there were newbies, old players, along with different practitioners trusting this service. Because of the tough competition and lack of proper positioning, the marketing strategy of HostGator has significantly left marks in few mindsets and thus, there exists an ambiguity in their mindsets when we talk about HostGator. However, our recommendations tend to resolve this ambiguity. Indeed, HostGator is itself better than the actual WordPress Hosting provided by WordPress.

Guess what, like Bluehost, HostGator also provides the best website builder. Plus, there exist a WordPress manager to help the cause of WordPress hosting! Furthermore, HostGator is cheaper than Bluehost. Yes, you heard us right! HostGator provides web hosting plan at $2.75 per month!

HostGator may not be the cheapest WordPress Hosting service, but the service it provides outclasses the services provided by Bluehost. 

The beneficence factors that HostGator provides its users are appreciable. Unlike Bluehost, HostGator does not provide SEO tools, but it provides much more! The advantages of using HostGator are: HostGator provides 5 different web hosting plans depending upon the requirements of the user. Like Bluehost, HostGator supports:
  • Best WordPress hosting
  • Best Website Builder
  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
HostGator Best WordPress Hosting web hosting plans

The beneficence factors that HostGator provides its users are appreciable. Unlike Bluehost, HostGator does not provide SEO tools, but it provides much more! The advantages of using HostGator are:

  • Free domain for first year!
  • Free site and domain transfers!
  • Unmetered bandwidth (also provided by 4 above web hosting)
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • One-click installs
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Managed CPanel
  • Easy payment method with creative UI
  • VPS web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
HostGator Best WordPress benefits

Despite all the beneficence HostGator offers, HostGator has been the first choice of many developers. It ranks fifth in our recommendation because of the collective data obtained from different blogs. Due to delayed response sometimes, HostGator is recommended to enhance their services further. But to be very honest, there is no web hosting service like HostGator. Many of our team members also recommended HostGator instead of Verpex, but Verpex was our first choice. However, there are some ping issues in Verpex. The complexity of CSS and JavaScript files make it difficult for the page to load on Verpex (same is the case with HostGator). But we won’t blame the hosting service for that, the design itself is complex enough.

There are 3 best hosting plans offered by HostGator. All of them are convenient and are for different purposes. But we would surely rate their packages 10/10 for their close study with the requirements of modern world. As discussed above, HostGator has worked a lot in making hosting easier for everyone following the marketing concept rather than hard-selling concept!

HostGator Best WordPress hosting plans

Yes, you saw that right… WordPress itself offers a great hosting plan and is itself a wonderful web hosting service provider. Now you might be wondering, what if your website wasn’t build on WordPress. WordPress is the best website development platform where you can create, import, or export the best designs using the best website builder that it provides. Despite being the best website builder, WordPress also allows you to host your custom websites (even if not built on WordPress i.e. you can import your custom designs using an URL, .WPRESS or any custom web formatted file, Google Drive, or any other third-party resources). 

People who design their websites on WordPress often opt WordPress for their web hosting. This is because, WordPress provides best offers for its existing users! Promotion codes, premium offers etc. Plus, WordPress also allows to have the cheapest WordPress Hosting as well as a free WordPress Hosting (this limits the user in infinitely many ways)! 

In addition to offering the best hosting for WordPress websites, WordPress has joined hands with many numerous brands that have been assisting WordPress grow more and more daily! This is for sure an ever-growth opportunity WordPress user desired because WordPress is now supporting 10000+ facilitating plugins as well as many wonderful themes to their users at different prices. WordPress has made a dream come true for sure for many bloggers and emerging businessmen. 

However, among our recommendations, WordPress ranks 6th because of their limited servers. They offer hosting in few specific places but their servers are good enough. Plus, being partnered with many other hosting platforms as well, almost every web hosting provider has a WordPress manager installed in the CPanel. The best thing about WordPress as mentioned above is its best website builder and the collection of 300+ themes it offers!

WordPress Best WordPress Hosting

Except for the best website builder and exceptional themes, the best WordPress hosting also offers the cheapest WordPress Hosting service. The WordPress web hosting plan offers 5 plans including:

  • Free plan ($0) – Strict Limitations and Restrictions
  • Personal plan ($4/mo.) – Good for Bloggers
  • Premium plan ($8/mo.) – Best for bloggers, influencers, small businesses that do not sell goods but services.
  • Business plan ($25/mo.) – Best for business that sell services at large scale.
  • E-Commerce plan ($45/mo.) – Best for businesses that sell goods specifically at large scale!

All these exciting plans are often offered at discounted prices. People often face cart issues at the checkout due to which they don’t usually go with WordPress hosting by WordPress. But their service is good enough. The old clients of WordPress are the newbies that wanted to initiate their website. The old players still prefer the other platforms.

WordPress allows you to pay both monthly, annually, and more than that. Plus, it also offers you domain (paid of course).

WordPress web hosting plans

About WordPress, the Google itself says that WordPress is a good platform and best website builder as well as one of the best WordPress hosting service where websites including and other than WordPress can be launched. Plus, traffic facilities, marketing, and collecting insights can also be done at WordPress! We would recommend WordPress at 6th rank.

Hostinger is another highly demanded best WordPress hosting service provider and it comes with a good hosting plan with convenient web hosting services and facilities. All the web hosting services mentioned above till now are the most preferable, recommended, and best WordPress hosting services (although not the cheapest WordPress hosting services). Their recommendation has been proposed not only on their services, but most importantly their positioning in the mind of their trusted customers. We had inquired people who had personally used these services and they are satisfied with their choice. Although many blog pages define different rankings, our blog has been written with what we know. the information we acquired was not obtained from strangers but from web developers who have used at least one of these services (especially Google Hosting). About Hostinger, our team finds it to be completely ideal and replaceable by Verpex. But our recommendation ranks it on 7th because of the on and often changing policies and prices. The prices often go high and then decrease again after some days with a new offer. Plus, they are pretty strict with their payment requirements. But the services they provide along with their absolutely amazing performance and their classical positioning in the world of web hosting. Top features offered by Hostinger are:
  • Various web hosting plans
  • Various WordPress hosting plans
  • Email hosting
  • Domain searching and selling
Following are the variety of web hosting plans Hostinger provides to its users:
Hostinger Best WordPress hosting plans

Like other web hosting platform, Hostinger supports 2 great options for email hosting i.e. administration email setup (also provided by Verpex and few other best hosting for WordPress websites). This includes Google Workspace Email hosting, and Titan Email Hosting.

Apart from Email Hosting, Hostinger also supports domain searching and selling. You can purchase .com, .tech, .xyz, .live and many other domains from their platform within easy range! You can also transfer your domain to Hostinger and host an incredible website here.

Hostinger Best WordPress Hosting domains
Talking about the hosting plans, Hostinger actually provides different web hosting plans with different prices which vary on and often. All of them can’t be discussed here as the list is quite long. Thus, we would recommend you to visit this link: Hostinger Pricing Plans

Talking about the difference between cheapest WordPress Hosting and effective and best WordPress Hosting, buyers often fall for cheaper services and then suffer from deficiency of effectiveness. A good web hosting is the one which provides good services, addons, best website builders, unmetered bandwidth, good speed, cost effectiveness, fine memory space in Google Cloud or any other storage, etc.

According to our recommendations which are formed by opinions of experts and experience, the most preferable and Best WordPress Hosting services are Verpex, HostGator, and Hostinger. The main players or secondary choice web hosting services are DigitalOcean, Bluehost, and Google Firebase. And the lastly recommended sober platform is WordPress itself. Select anyone of them regarding your needs!

thank you for your time!

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